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Current Account

The Current Account gives you immediate access to your funds and can be opened for individuals (singly or jointly) upon presentation of approved personal identification documents, or for companies, institutions and legal entities upon presentation of approved registration documents. 

- The account can be opened in LBP if the funds are provided in cash or by cheque deposit under specific conditions
- The account can be opened in USD and other major currencies if the funds are provided in cash or by international inward transfer
- The minimum amount for opening the account varies according to the customer segment and account opening agreement 
- The minimum amount requirement is waived for employees with salary domiciliation
- A free of charge Visa Debit card is issued for the account 
- A cheque book may be issued for the account 
- Utility and other bills can be domiciled on the account 
- You will be able to have several sub-accounts with immediate access to your funds in several currencies 
- The current account is a non-interest bearing account 
- A statement of account is issued every six months 
- You can manage your account 24x7 through the following digital banking services:
   - Internet Banking (Arabi Online)
   - Mobile Banking (Arabi Mobile)
   - ATM Banking
   - SMS Banking (SMS Express).

Arabi Fresh Funds
Fresh Funds inside page 350x380

Ultimate flexibility for cash withdrawals, deposits, transfers & card usage without restrictions with “Arabi Fresh Funds” account…

- Your fresh funds are held at our correspondent banks abroad; you will enjoy the total flexibility of the account in addition to the trust and security of dealing with one of the largest Arab Banking networks.

- There are no restrictions on accessing your fresh funds in full. Arab Bank will not withhold any margins from your fresh funds and will not require the funds to remain idle for any specified period before being able to use them.

- There are no limits or restrictions on USD cash withdrawals from the branch. You can also access your fresh funds at any time through Arab Bank designated ATMs with a daily limit of USD 2,000 and a monthly limit of USD 10,000.

- You can transfer funds through the “Arabi Access” feature available on “Arabi Online” service from your Arab Bank account abroad to your “Arabi Fresh Funds” account in Lebanon (this feature is available for Elite & Arabi Premium customers only).

- You can issue cheques and transfer funds inside Lebanon from your “Arabi Fresh Funds” account (within Arab Bank or to other local banks), and these funds will still be considered as fresh funds for the beneficiaries as well.

- You can transfer funds abroad quickly and easily without any restrictions.

- You can shop online and at any point of sale locally and abroad using the credit card issued on your “Arabi Fresh Funds” account without restrictions. You can also fund your credit card from the Fresh Funds account from any of our branches or via our digital banking services: Arabi Mobile & Arabi Online.

How to Apply

- Through our Online Application Form
- Visit any of our branches (visit our Branch Locator page here)

 Required Documents for individuals

- Valid identification document
- Valid residency document (for Non Lebanese)
- Proof of address: Utility bill (electricity, water, landline, etc.), rent contract, title deed, etc.
- Proof of sources of funds
- Employment letter for salary domiciliation accounts.

Special Terms and Conditions of the products apply

For more information, please call our Customer Care Center on 1591 if calling from Lebanon or 00961 1 962420 if calling from abroad.