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Inward and Outward Transfers

You can transfer funds from your LBP and existing foreign currency account(s) to any other Arab Bank branch in Lebanon or local bank account. Furthermore, you can use your fresh funds account to send and receive international funds transfers. 

Moreover, With the Arabi Access** feature available through Arabi Online, you can view the balances and transactions details of all your accounts with Arab Bank branches in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, UAE, Qatar & Bahrain easily and conveniently. This feature provides:
- A unified view for all customer’s accounts across Arab Bank plc branches via a single screen in real time
- Instant funds transfer to customer’s accounts from accounts at other Arab Bank branches abroad where the service is available.

* Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Algeria, Morocco & Yemen.
** Arabi Access feature is exclusively available for “Elite” and “Arab Premium” programs members in Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, UAE, Bahrain & Qatar. Terms and conditions related to the service apply.

Standing Instructions

According to the customer’s instructions, Arab Bank will make regular transfers on specified dates from the customer’s account to another account locally or internationally and as per the conditions specified for outward transfers.

Bills Domiciliation

You can issue standing instructions to Arab Bank authorizing the Bank to automatically settle recurring bills or invoices, such as telephone, electricity, mobile, etc.

For more information, please call our Customer Care Center on 1591 if calling from Lebanon or 00961 1 962420 if calling from abroad.