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Coming to you from the largest Arab Banking network, the Arab Bank Visa Credit Cards entitle you to a host of benefits designed to offer you the financial flexibility and purchasing power that meet your needs and lifestyle.

  • Automatic enrollment to our Credit Card Rewards Program “Arabi Rewards
  • Competitive monthly  interest rate of 1.35% on purchases and 1.75% on cash withdrawals
  • Discreet gold card design equipped with Smart Chip technology to provide you with greater security in addition to the Contactless payment technology that allows you to pay for your everyday purchases quickly and securely with just a tap of your contactless-enabled card
  • Personalized credit limit to meet your evolving financial requirements 
  • Flexible repayment instructions including: 5%, 25%, 50%, or 100% of the balance.
  • Convenient Easy Payment Plan starting from as low as 0.75% monthly interest rate
  • High cash advance limit
  • Credit Shield insurance* which covers 100% of the outstanding balance, in the event of the death or permanent total disability of the primary cardholder
  • Transfer the outstanding balance(s) of your Credit Card(s) from other banks to your Arab Bank Visa Credit Card through Balance Transfer Service
  • Extra measures of security when using your card online via the ““Arab bank Verified by Visa/ MasterCard Secure Code Service” , a simple to use service which makes it more secure to shop online using your Arab Bank credit card. Every time you use your Arab Bank card on an online portal that has the “Verified by Visa/ MasterCard Secure Code Service” you will be prompted to provide the “one-time” password which will be sent to your mobile number registered with us.
  • Grace period of interest free credit on retail purchases up to 45 days, in case of full repayment at payment due date
  • Manage your credit card(s) account(s) and settle credit card(s) payments conveniently through our direct banking services (Arabi Online Internet Banking Services , Arabi Mobile, and ATMs)
  • Quick credit card application processing time
  • Extensive national and worldwide acceptance 
  • Issue up to 5 supplementary credit cards
  • Free SMS alerts to keep you updated on all your card transactions including:
    • Purchases/cash withdrawals
    • Reminder of payment due date
    • Statement details message
    • Notification of card renewal
    • Reminder of overdue payments
    • Credit Card Payment

Cards Limits:

Card Type Minimum Limit Maximum Limit

USD 500

USD 10,000
Gold USD 500 USD 30,000


So why wait? Apply for an Arab Bank Visa Credit Card today!  Apply

For more information, please call or visit any of our branches.