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The Special Terms of Online Internet Banking Service (Arabi Online) & (Arabi Mobile)) 

Bank: Arab Bank plc including any of its branches in Lebanon.
Customer: A national or legal resident; singular terms include dual or plural.
Working Day: A day on which the Bank opens and provides its services.
Service: The Online Internet Banking Service and Arabi Mobile.

These terms related to Online Internet Banking and Arabi Mobile are applied in so far as they do not conflict with the Manual of General and Special Terms for Dealing with Accounts and Banking and Electronic Services.

1. Although the Bank is utilizing highly efficient security measures to protect itself from the risks inherent to the open nature of the Internet, the Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Bank cannot be held liable for any damage that the Customer may sustain as a result of the risks associated with the use of Internet networks. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that he/ she shall be solely responsible and liable for all risks arising from the use of the service that he/ she has requested.
2. The Customer is fully responsible for the provision and maintenance of his/ her own equipment, as well as for all fees, expenses and communications costs arising from using the Service upon his/ her subscription thereto.
3. The Customer is fully responsible for the use of any software/ hardware that may negatively affect Service security and/or effectiveness or that may expose the Customer's credentials. The Customer alone shall bear any and each responsibility that may arise as a result thereof, and releases the Bank from any responsibility in that respect.
4. The Bank provides the Customer with detailed instructions regarding the Service through the Bank’s website or by any other way deemed appropriate by the Bank, and the Customer undertakes to follow these instructions accurately upon request and usage of the Service. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that he/ she has reviewed and understood the Service operational procedures, that any information provided by the Bank through the Service is for guidance only and should not be considered as binding to the Bank, and that the Bank shall not be held responsible or liable in the event of Service irregularity and/ or interruption or if inaccuracies and/ or errors are found in the information extracted through the Service for any reason whatsoever.
5. The Bank may share information about the Customer internally to provide him/ her with information about the Bank’s available services.
6. The Customer can register online to the Service through the dedicated link at Arab Bank Website by using his/her Visa Electron Card number and PIN. The services offered will be limited to Personal Services.
7. When the Customer chooses to subscribe to Personal Services through the Branch, the Bank will provide him/ her with a sealed envelope containing a User name and First Password to access and operate the Service. The Service prompts the Customer to change his/her User name and First Password upon logging on to the Service for the first time.
8. The Customer who subscribed to the Third Party Funds Transfer Service is required to select and enter a second password/ use a Token to confirm the following transactions: 

a. Funds Transfers to a third party.
b. Payments to Arab Bank Credit Cards held by a third party.
c. Special Instructions.
9. If the Customer subscribes to the Third Party Funds Transfer Service by virtue of this application, the Customer alone shall bear all and every responsibility that may arise as a result of debiting his/her account by using the Service, or transferring any amount to another customer’s account by mistake, and the Bank has the right to deny execution of any transfer request to a third party at its sole discretion and the Customer hereby waives his/ her right to raise any objections thereto.

10. The Bank shall have the right to change the daily transfer limit at anytime without the Customer's prior approval.
11. The Bank shall have the right not to execute any funds transfers requested by the Customer if no sufficient funds are available in the account designated by the Customer at the time the transfer is to be executed, or if the transfer amount exceeds the daily transfer limit.
12. Transfers are conducted automatically on the day specified by the Customer if the transfer is to Arab Bank Branches in the same country, or within the following two business days otherwise. The amount will be debited from the Customer’s account on execution day and at the prevailing exchange rate.
13. The Customer cannot cancel any financial transaction that was requested and executed using the Service.
14. The Customer can cancel through the Service any recurring payment (which is set to be repeated at specific intervals) or any future payment (which is set to be executed on a future date) if not executed by the Service.
15. Upon Service cancellation at the Customer's request or for any other reason, the recurring payments / future payments will be automatically cancelled.
16. The Online Internet Banking Service (Arabi Online) allows the Customer to request a cheque book which is subject to review by the Bank. Based on the Bank’s approval of the Customer’s request, the Customer shall receive his/ her cheque book as agreed upon with the Bank.
17. The Customer can only open Current sub accounts through the Service, and he/ she will be committed to transfer the minimum amount required for opening such sub accounts. The Customer also agrees that the account information, authorized signature and correspondence address held by the Bank and related to his/her existing account(s) will apply to the new sub account he/ she will open using the Service.
18. A second password (transfer to third party) cannot be issued to minor accounts.
19. When the Customer logs on to Arabi Mobile for the first time, the service prompts the Customer to enter his/her Arabi Online Password and then activate the smart device. The Customer can activate the smart device directly through Arabi Online if he/she is subscribed to the SMS service or by referring to the branch otherwise.
20. Customers subscribed to the Third Party Funds Transfer Service are required to enter their Arabi Online second password to confirm the following transactions performed through Arabi Mobile : 
a. Funds Transfers to a third party inside Arab Bank Lebanon.
b. Payments to Arab Bank Credit Cards held by a third party.
21. The secure electronic mail provided through the Online Internet Banking Service (Arabi Online) or Arabi Mobile Service, is a means of acceptable dealing between the Bank and the Customer; therefore, the Customer must send secure e-mail messages to the Bank through this Service only. The Customer agrees to receive e-mail messages from the Bank through the Service, and any message sent by the Bank to the Customer through the secure e-mail is considered as received by him/ her.
22. The Customer shall pay the fees/ charges/ commissions set by the Bank for any local or international funds transfer, Cheque book issuance, bill payment or any other service as per the list of fees and commissions established at the time. The Customer authorizes the Bank to charge all fees, charges, commissions and all expenses arising from the use of the Service set by the Bank, by debiting any of the Customer’s accounts with the Bank.
23. In case the Customer enters an incorrect Visa Electron PIN code more times than allowed during online registration, the online registration service using the Visa Electron card will be suspended. The Customer can refer to any of the Bank’s branches in Lebanon or to the Customer Contact Center (if subscribed) to reactivate the Service.
24. The Service will be automatically locked in case the log in password is entered incorrectly more often than allowed. The Customer shall refer to any of the Bank’s branches in Lebanon or to the Customer Contact Center (if subscribed) in order to re-activate the Service.
25. In case the second password is entered incorrectly more often than allowed, Third Party Funds Transfer Services will be automatically locked. The Customer can request to reactivate/ reissue the Third Party Funds Transfer Services at any of the Bank’s branches in Lebanon or through the Customer Contact Center (if subscribed).
26. The Customer is fully responsible and liable for safeguarding his/ her Visa Electron Card, Visa Electron PIN, User Name, Password(s), TOKEN device and any other information provided by the Bank, and he/ she undertakes to keep them as confidential and private, to store them separately and in secure places and not to release them to anyone. The Customer is advised to change the passwords periodically, and shall exercise extreme caution when accessing the Service in a public place or when using equipment other than his/ her own. The Customer releases the Bank from any responsibility or harm that may arise as a consequence of the Customer’s breach of this obligation or misuse of the Service, and he/ she shall also be held responsible and liable for any harm to the Bank arising from the Customer’s failure to safeguard these numbers or any information pertaining to the Service.
27. The Customer fully understands that the Visa Electron card number and PIN, user name, passwords and TOKEN devices are considered as means of identification that determine the Customer's identity. Therefore, any transactions carried out through the use of these means shall be deemed and considered performed by the Customer and the Bank shall deem and consider anyone using these means as being the Customer. The Customer shall be held liable towards the Bank and towards third parties for all transactions carried out by using his/ her personal means of identification, and shall be held responsible for any change, loss or transfer of any such means to third parties until such time as the Bank is able to suspend the Service following written notice received from the Customer.
28. If the Customer suspects any transaction recorded in his/her financial transactions history and/or within the Service options, he/ she must inform the Bank in writing within 15 days from the date of suspected entry, otherwise the Bank shall confirm that the transaction was carried out by the Customer. If the customer complains that he/ she did not carry out a transaction found in his financial transactions record, the Bank will thoroughly investigate the matter. The Customer shall provide the Bank with his/ her name, account number and transaction reference number and the Bank will inform the Customer of the results as soon as possible within the means available and without assuming any responsibility.
29. In case the Customer suspects that his/ her accounts are being tampered with, or he/ she discovers any breach of information through the Service, and / or doubts that his/ her Visa Electron card number, Visa Electron PIN, user name and / or password(s) are compromised by a third party, the Customer shall notify the Bank immediately in the briefest delays, and confirm his notification same in writing. The Customer remains fully responsible and liable for all amounts incurred and / or for any other responsibility / liability arising as a result of any misuse of his/ her Visa Electron card number, Visa Electron PIN, user name, and / or passwords until the Bank is able to suspend the Service upon written notification received from the Customer without any kind of responsibility and / or liability on the Bank whatsoever.
30. In case the Customer's TOKEN device is lost/ stolen/ damaged, the Customer must immediately report the incident to the Bank to suspend the Service. In order to re-activate the Service, the Customer must apply to re-issue a replacement for the damaged/ lost TOKEN device and shall pay any fees incurred as applied by the Bank at the time.
31. The Bank has the right, at its absolute discretion, to partially suspend the Service at any time and for any period of time without any prior notice to the Customer, and without giving any reasons. In case the Service is completely suspended, the Bank shall notify the Customer thereof electronically or in writing prior to applying such measures.
32. The Customer may request from the Bank to cancel the Online Internet Banking Service by virtue of a written notice delivered to the Bank, and he/ she must return the TOKEN device (if any) to the Bank upon Service cancellation.
33. The Bank shall have the right to change or amend any or all of the Service terms, conditions and instructions at any time without justification, by virtue of electronic/ written notification sent to the Customer's address held with the Bank, and such amendment shall be effective and binding to the Customer from the date of the Bank’s notification. The use of the Service by the Customer after the change of instructions without any written/ electronic objection or reservation shall be considered as an approval by the Customer of such modifications without any reservation, condition or objection. The Bank has also the right to change the technology used for the Service and the service(s) offered without prior notice and without giving any reasons.
34. The Bank may, if the account is a joint account, provide the Service following the approval of all of the account holders. Said account holders are considered fully responsible and liable jointly, severally and indivisibly towards the Bank for any obligations that may arise from using the Service.
35. The Customer waives his right to banking secrecy in favor of the Bank and/or any third party that the Bank deals with to provide the Service, so that the Bank shall not be held liable for any information that may be brought to the knowledge of a third party as a result of providing the Service. Therefore, the Customer authorizes the Bank to pass information related to the Customer and his/ her account(s) to all Arab Bank branches or Departments in Lebanon and abroad, as well as to any third parties such as service providers, networking companies and the like in order to provide him/ her with the Online Internet Banking Service. The Customer hereby releases the Bank from any responsibility and waives any right or claim in this respect.
36. It is agreed that the Lebanese courts are solely competent to settle any dispute that may arise between the Customer and the Bank as a result of the interpretation or application of the provisions and conditions specified herein, and that the Lebanese Law is the applicable law.
37. The Bank offers the Service as per the policies and instructions set by the Bank. All issues not specified in the terms and conditions shall be subject to the policies and procedures applicable by the Bank or to common banking practices.
38. The Bank is at liberty to execute the transfers at the Customer’s entire responsibility. The Bank shall not be liable for any loss, delay, error, omission which may occur in the transmission of the SWIFT message or for its misinterpretation when received or for any delay caused by the laws and regulations in the country wherein payment should be disbursed or for any act of default or negligence of the beneficiary’s bank. The Bank shall not be liable, under any circumstances, for any direct or indirect damage or loss.
39. The Bank without any prior notice to the Customer shall be under no obligation to execute the transfers unless the Customer (Applicant) has maintained the adequate credit balance on the account(s) to cover the amount of the transfers plus the fees, commissions and any other amounts required for the execution of the transfers. If the Bank elects, at its own discretion, to execute the transfers, for any reason, without having sufficient funds in the Customer’s account (s), the Customer shall immediately cover all the amounts incurred by the Bank for this purpose with the related interest and commissions at the rates prevailing at the Bank effective from the date of debiting the account. This procedure does not give the Customer the right to oblige the Bank to automatically execute such transfers without having a sufficient balance.
40. In the event of insufficient balance in the account from which the transfer is requested to be executed, the Bank may, without being obliged to, execute the transfer by debiting any of the Customer’s other accounts.
41. the Customer hereby acknowledges and agrees that:
a. The Bank offers the outward transfer services only to its customers maintaining accounts therewith.
b. Receiving transfers shall be subject to any restrictions on disbursement or any other restrictions imposed by the regulatory authorities of the country of receipt and the Bank, its correspondents or its agents shall not be responsible for any loss, delay or damage caused by such rules and regulations.
c. The Bank shall perform such reasonable procedures to execute transfer applications by the day following the day of receipt unless the execution requires providing the Bank with information or documents or additional data.
d. The execution value date applying to the transfer applications shall be two working days. In case the Bank approves to execute the transfer whereby the value date is the same as the application date it is possible that transfers will not be received by the Beneficiary’s Bank at the same value date due to difference in time zones for banks that are parties to the transfer from one side and from the other side for reasons of the cut-off times approved by these banks for executing incoming transfers to them.
42. The Customer shall not be entitled to withdraw the transfers’ applications after the transferred amounts have been debited from the account. Nevertheless, and should the Bank approve, at its own discretion and taking into consideration the laws and regulations applied in the beneficiary’s country, to return the amount back to the Customer for any reason whatsoever, the Bank shall have the choice to pay at the prevailing purchase rate of the relevant currency less all charges and expenses.
43. The Bank shall be entitled to revise all transfer charges from time to time with prior notice to the Customer.
44. The Customer authorizes the Bank to execute the transfers through any institutions or banks other than those specified in the applications, if the Bank determines, at its discretion, that the execution of transfers for any reason requires it. The Customer  shall bear all responsibility pertaining to such execution and absolve the Bank from any such responsibility.
45. The Customer shall hold the bank harmless and indemnify it against any liability or loss that may be incurred by the Bank as a result of claims against it due to executing the transfers, including any loss that might arise from the costs or expenses or fees or any additional financial implication that may come due by the bank to third parties.
46. The Customer absolves the Bank from any liability in case the other parties at the Beneficiary’s country or any other place reserve / seized the values of transfers.
47. The Bank shall be absolved from any liability as a result of the delay in executing the transfers in case of incomplete information in the transfer issuance applications and the Bank shall be entitled to reject execution of any transfer due to non- compliance with the regulatory directions or its internal policies and procedures without illustrating the reasons and justifications.
48. The Bank may at any time implement any security and other procedures including the Bank's "Customer Due Diligence" procedures for the verification of the identity of any of the parties of the financial transaction, the purpose of the financial transaction, or the relationship between the Customer and the Beneficiary.
49. Without prejudice to any of the relevant laws and regulations, the Customer authorizes the Bank to disclose relevant information and/or documents and/or bills to third parties as far as they relate to the financial transaction including the Customer’s account number/IBAN, date of birth (for Individuals) / registration number (for non- Individuals), address, contact details, the beneficiary’s address, contact details and the purposes of the transactions within the transfer details if the requirements of the regulatory authorities in the paying bank’s country or the beneficiary’s country require that, or as the Bank deems such disclosure appropriate.
50. The Customer acknowledges that the details included in the Table of Pre-defined Beneficiaries are valid and correct and that these are the main reference for the Bank when receiving any transfer request in favor of these Pre-defined beneficiaries; while taking all control procedures to verify the validity of the aforementioned details, the Bank bears no responsibility in relation to the details of these transfers.
51. The Customer acknowledges that any outward transfer from her/ his account to the beneficiary’s account with another bank, whether within the country or to an account abroad, in countries that apply the international bank account number (IBAN), will be executed based on the beneficiary’s IBAN only, without consideration to the beneficiary’s name or any other details. The Customer absolves the Bank from any liability in the event that the Paying bank execution of the transfer into countries that do not apply the IBAN is based on the beneficiary’s account number, even if the beneficiary’s name does not match.