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With the Online Cash Deposit service you can now use your VISA Debit card to deposit cash in LBP or USD instantly into your account(s) at any time and free of charge through our ATMs.*

Online Cash Deposit Steps 

1. Insert your VISA Debit Card in the ATM 
2. Select language 
3. Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) 
4. Select “Cash Deposit” from the Main Menu 
5. Choose the account (linked to the debit card only) 
6. Insert the banknotes into the designated slot in the ATM, not exceeding 50 banknotes (irrespective of cash denominations) in each deposit transaction 
7. The ATM will verify and count the amount and a screen will appear confirming the amount that will be immediately deposited into the specified account 
8. In case the ATM rejects any banknote (LBP 1,000 denomination, old banknote, etc.), it will be dispensed back and not included in the credited amount 
9. Upon confirmation, the deposit amount will be immediately credited to the account and a receipt will be issued. 

General information and tips for depositing money into the ATM 

• The machine is designed to accept banknote deposits only 
• The machine does not accept coins, envelopes, staples, rubber bands, etc. 
• The machine does not accept damaged banknotes 
• The banknotes should be separated and not tied, clipped, etc. 
• The banknotes to be inserted should not be thicker than the deposit slot opening 
• The machine accepts deposits in LBP and USD (except for the LBP 1,000 denomination) 
• The deposited amount should be in the account currency 
• The maximum daily deposit allowed is LBP 7.5 Million or USD 5,000, not exceeding 50 banknotes in each deposit transaction. 

* Bank Note Acceptors (BNAs) are available within all Arab Bank Lebanon branches ATMs.